VQ Siai Marchetti SF-260 German V. 1.64m

Varenr: 43482
2 365,-
VQ Siai Marchetti SF-260 leveres som ARF i balsa og kryssfiner konstruksjon med ferdig betrekning samt glassfiber cowling. Modellen kommer uten elektronikk så dette må kjøpes separat og installeres, moderat installasjon av modellen er også nødvendig.

* Vingespenn: 1640mm
* Lengde: 1200mm
* Flyvekt: 3,9kg - 4,2kg
* Motorstørrelse: .60 - .65 (2-takt) / .70 - .90 (4-takt) / 800W elektrisk
* Minimum radioanlegg: 7 kanaler, 7 servoer
Ingen elektronikk eller motor er med i dette settet, det må kjøpes utenom. Elektrisk retracts (VQARE26) kan også kjøpes utenom.

Siai Marchetti SF-260
The SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 (now Leonardo SF-260) is an Italian light aircraft which has been commonly marketed as a military trainer and aerobatics aircraft.

The SF.260 was designed by Italian aircraft designer Stelio Frati, while production work originally performed by Milan-based aviation manufacturer Aviamilano. On 15 July 1964, the first prototype performed its maiden flight (then designated F.260). Shortly thereafter, responsibility for production was transferred to SIAI Marchetti, who had purchased the rights to the design manufacturing continued to be performed by this firm until the company was bought by Aermacchi in 1997.

Now , VQ Introduces the SIAI Marchetti SF-260 60 size EP-GP as a super scale series (3S) . This model comes with 2 scale flap, 1 x Plastic pilot seat, antena...

With the big battery hatch you can use both Electric motor or Nitro engine. It make this Marchetti SF-260 becomes one of the best Balsa scale 60 size in the market.

* Fully covered in weathered detail
* All balsa and lite-ply construction
* Fiberglass cowling
* Painted Canopy
* Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
* Plastic pilot seat
* Wingspan: 1640mm
* Fuse Length: 1200mm
* Weight: 3.9 kg - 4.2 kg
* Glow Engine: .60 - .65 (2 stroke) / .70 - .90 (4 stroke)
* Electric Motor: Boost 60 - 800watt
* Battery: Lipo 14,8V 5000 mAh
* Radio req.: 7 channels with 7 servos.
* All standard servos (2x Aileron, 2x Flap, 1x Elevator, 1x Rudder , 1x Throttle )
* Nose gear assembly.
* Wheels.
* Engine mounts.
* Fuel tank.
* Fiberglass cowling.
* Spinner.
* Ply wood wing joiner
* Decals and all hardware.
* Assembly instruction with stage photos
Option: Electric retracts with struts (VQARE26)

Does not include: radio, motor, glue, and silicon fuel line
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