SkyRC Tire Warmer RSTW

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Dekkvarmer for 1/10 touring. Leveres komplett med 4stk varmeelementer, trenger 12V inn og kan kobles på 3S LiPo, 12V bilbatteri eller powersupply. Bruker man dekkvarmeren i kombinasjon med SkyRC 17A powersupplyet, kan dekkvarmeren monteres rett på powersupplyet, se bilder ( PS: ekstrautstyr )

SKYRC RSTW Tire Warmers are designed to pre-heat rubber tires for 1/10 size touring car.
What are shining points of Racing Star Tire Warmer?
The temperature of 4 warmers is controlled by MCU.
The Front & Rear temperature can be set independently.
The front and rear Tire warmers are removable.
Four LEDs to indicate the status of warmers.(Red=Heating in progress, Green=Reach pre-set temperature)
There are two DC inputs. One on the left side is used for the DC power sources or 3S LiPo battery. The other one on the bottom is designed for the Direct Plug Docking System.

Why do you need a Tire Warmer?
Firstly, the Tire Warmer makes the surface rubber of the tire hot, so that the rubber can fill the little crevices of the track better, providing better grip in the early stages of the race. Having the surface rubber hot increases the co-efficient of friction of the rubber, adding to its ability to grip the track surface.
Secondly, using RacingStar Tire Warmers gives you the advantage of the tires being ready as soon as you roll out onto the track.

Special Features
Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by MCU
Removable front & rear tire warmers
8 different beep tones
Minimum temperature
Celsius - Fahrenheit selectable display
Four LED indicators
Safety timer

The Set Contains
1. SKYRC RSTW Tire Warmer Controller
2. Front Tire Warmers
3. Rear Tire Warmers
4. DC Input Cable

    * Input: 11-15V
    * Temperature Range:20-80,100degC
    * Keys: Joystick - Up, Down, Left, Right
    * Dimensions: 92x111.4x50mm
    * Weight: 440g
    * Atmospheric conditions may affect the final tire temperature
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