Seagull P-47 50-61cc Gas ARF

Varenr: SEA306
9 795,-

 So successful has been Seagull’s 2.06m P-47 Razorback, it seemed almost rude not to offer the model in a larger scale for those who like their warbirds powerful and imposing. This, then, is the result and what a gem it is. Modelled on 275719 (No.44) Piloted by LT James C. Hare (Jim ‘Wabbit’ Hare to his pals) of the 65th Fighter Group, Corsica, 1944, this is a striking example of Republic’s heavyweight fighter which, of course, was well respected for its mastery in both bomber escort and ground attack roles.

A close look at this new 80” span, 38cc eye-catcher will tell you all you need to know about Seagull’s commitment to quality and accuracy. Sporting perfect lines, an authentic matt-finish color scheme and more scale detail than you can comfortably shake a stick at – not to mention a fully furnished cockpit – this is a model that will draw a crowd wherever it goes. But that’s just the half of it; good, stable, gun platform flying characteristics, Seagull’s renowned build quality and the convenience of a large top deck access hatch make it a must-have model for fighter fans with a spare 50 to 61cc 2-stroke gas engine kicking around.


  • Built-up, sheeted wood airframe is finished in flat Oracover film
  • Compatible with a variety of power plant options, allowing the consumer tho choose Glow, Gas or Electric Power
  • Impressive scale details including recessed instruments in a molded instrument panel, side panels, floor and seat provide increased realism
  • This Razorback canopy design from the original P-47 and provides incredible, scale, warbird looks on the ground and in the air
  • Built into the fuselage is a large, magnetically-secured hatch that can be removed for quicker LiPo battery changes in electric setups
  • Full-function flaps are pre-hinged and provide scale appearance and realistic takeoffs and landings
  • Accurate scale outline makes it appealing to scale enthusiasts and includes a historical trim scheme
  • A two piece, plug-in wing aids in quick and easy assembly, convenient storage and transport to the flying field
  • Include a detailed cockpit kit, replica radial engine, fiberglass wheel doors, fiberglass cowl, metal gun barrels and removable antenna
  • Mechanical retractable landing gears are included
  • Include a detailed rockets and bombs and drop tank look really scale P-47


  • Wingspan: 206 cm
  • Length: 171.6 cm
  • Wing Area: 77.4 dm2
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Recommended Engine size: 50-61 cc 2-stroke Gas
  • Recommended EP motor size: 3600-6000W / ESC: 160-200A / 12s LiPo
  • Recommended Radio: 9-12 channels with 13 servos
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