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Seagull YAK-11 Reno Air Race 20-26cc Gas


Varenr: SEA302
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If you love the sight and sound of the unlimited class racers tearing round the pylons at the annual Reno gathering in the USA then you'll adore Seagull's Yak-11. It's based on Perestroika, the machine modified from the Russian training aircraft that first flew in 1945.

Seagull's model is built using high-quality, laser-cut balsa and ply to provide an accurate scale outline including an airfoiled tail surfaces. Plug-in wings make for easy assembly at the flying field and a factory-added Oracover scheme accurately represents the racing machine's scheme.

Add a beautiful matching cowl, detailed cockpit and hand-painted pilot and you've a model that's certainly going to turn heads.

A large top hatch provides access to a very roomy interior which is perfect for those who prefer electric power. In that respect Seagull provide their usual motor mounting kit and suggest a 110-size outrunner and 8 or 9 LiPo cells, sufficient to generate some 2000 watts of power.

The model requires 9 servos (each retract has its own servo) while split flaps are fitted and will help slow the model for landing.


  • Full Aerobatic Fight Capabilities
  • High Quality Balsa and balsa Plywood Offer Lightweight, State-of-the-art Construction
  • Accurate Scale Outline and Appearance, Including Airfoiled Tail Surfaces
  • Plug-in Wing Make for Easy Assembly and Disassembly, As Well As Easy Transport To And From The Flying Field
  • The Factory-Applied Oracover Covering Trim Scheme Captures the Accurate Colors of the Original YAK-11
  • Highly Detailed Cockpit and Painted Fiberglass Cowl
  • Hand Painted Pilot
  • Extensive Hardware Package is Included


  • Wingspan: 180 cm
  • Length: 138.8 cm
  • Wing Area: 54.9 dm2
  • Weight: Aprox. 5.4 kg
  • Recommended Engine size: 20-26cc 2-stroke Gas
  • Recommended EP motor size: 1100-2000W / ESC: 85A / 8-9s LiPo
  • Recommended radio: 7 channels with 9 servos
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