OS MAX 120AX m/5020 Potte

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Perfect for 3D, precision and sport flying!
It is the no mod" way to ratchet up horsepower for more flying fun! The 1.20 AX fits in the same space as a .91 ? while boasting 20% more displacement. That means it can turn bigger props with ease, resulting in improved 3D, precision and sport flying. Boost your planes performance, without compromising weight or mounting space ? bolt in a 1.20 AX and see the difference for yourself!

Delivers 20% more power than a .91, and with new CCD technology will bolt right where the .91 used to be.
At 21 ounces, the 1.20 AX is a very minimal weight increase over a .91. The new angular head design not only looks great, it significantly increases surface area for better heat transfer.

Displacement: 1.20 cu in (20 cc)
Bore: 1.197 in (30.4 mm)
Stroke: 1.083 in (27.5 mm)
Practical rpm range: 1800-9500
Power Output: 3.1 hp @ 9000 rpm
Weight: 21 oz (650 g) Engine only
Total weight: 940gram
Includes: #8 glow plug, 70D dual-needle carburetor, E-5020 Power Box? muffler w/two adapters
Recommended Props: 14 x 10 APC, 15 x 6 APC

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