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NewBeeDrone Azi Tri-Blade Micro Props

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NewBeeDrone Azi Tri-Blade Micro Props - Clear i sett à 4 stk. 1.0mm akslingshull.

NewBeeDrone is dedicated to make the best FPV drone products in the industry.

Our flagship propellers - the Azi Props started as a NewBeeLabs project that successfully turned into production for consumers.

Over the span of 9 months, we have worked intensively with our NewBeeLabs partner to make the most well rounded micro propellers to improve flight time, speed, and control. After dozens of iteration and months of testing, we were able to design these light weight propellers that are perfect for both freestyle and racing.

Without any compromise at top-end, bottom-end, or efficiency, we believe our Azi propellers will become the new industry standard.

Some notable characteristics of the Azi props include:

* Linear feel for accurate throttle control
* Faster spool up times giving you more pop"
* Grip in the corners to find and hold the best line possible
* Higher top end speed to kill the straights
* Bottom end grunt to give you that recovery you crave
* Efficient without having to sacrifice bottom end grunt or top end speed (read magic)"
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