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Louise Dekk og felg MT-Uphill soft

Passer Traxxas Maxx 2.stk

Varenr: LT3330SB

LOUISE LT3330SB - MT-UPHILL Tires with MFT for Traxxas MAXX

This is the new Louise Monster Truck tires for the Traxxas Maxx with 17mm hexes (also fits some other buggies/trucks with 17mm hexes). They are equipped with MFT technology that has a soft rubber compound for optimal grip but still limits the amount of tire expansion due to the built-in MFT cord. Note that these also have an built-in extra off-set for added stability, that gives the awesome Maxx truck a wider stance (roughly +20 mm) so you can drive it even harder. The MT-UPHILL tire tread is perfect for most loose to rough surfaces and general bashing.

  • Fits: Traxxas Maxx (and other trucks with 17mm hex)
  • Diameter: 136.4mm
  • Width: 70.2mm
  • Hex: 17 mm
  • Bead-Lock Rim Color: Black
  • Wheel Off-set: +1/2”
  • Tire Compound: Soft
  • Tire Technology: MFT (limits ballooning/tire expansion)
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