Louise Dekk på felg X-UPHILL X-Maxx

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Varenr: LT3298B
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Louise X-CYCLONE Tires (MFT) on Black X-MAXX Wheels

Truck tires for the high performance Traxxas X-MAXX. The new X-CYCLONE tire has the new incorporated MFT technology that is engineered to limit tire expansion (normally refered to as "balooning"). They are mounted on a new very sturdy black nylon 7-spoke wheels with a X-Maxx specific 24 mm hex. The X-CYCLONE tire has a classic tread with plenty of rubber to withstand hard driving on multiple surfaces as long as it's not too rough!

Micro Fiber Tech Features (MFT):

New innovation and technlogy

Reduces over balooning

More ridgid overall tire structure

Less distorsion/flex

Stable and even contact with the road surface - more grip and longer tire life


Traxxas X-MAXX 6s

Traxxas X-MAXX 8s

(Also may fit other trucks with 24 mm hexes)


Micro Fiber Tech system (MFT)

Wheel diameter:

Tire Diameter: 212.9 mm

Tire Width: 98.2 mm

Weight (each):

Hex: X-Maxx 24 mm

Tire Compound: Sport

Wheel finish: Black Nylon

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