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Airbrush Mini Luftfilter G1/8

Airbrush Mini Luftfilter G1/8

Varenr: HN013-00
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Et praktisk in-line mini luftfilter med G1/8 gjenger som kobles direkte på lakksprøyte. The air filter also doubles as an more ergonomic "grip" as many feels that the airbrush is nicer/easier to hold when it's used.

Note: it's not meant to be threaded on and off all the time you want to unhook the airbrush. Install one filter unit on each airbrush you use and use it preferably together with one of our quick-connect adapters!


  • Hobbynox FLOW-TF airbrush
  • Hobbynox TARA airbrush
  • Plus most of Iwata®, Harder & Steenbeck® and many more airbrushes that has G1/8 BSP threads

It does NOT fit:

  • Aztek, Badger or Thayer & Chandler airbrushes etc

It does NOT fit:


  • Aztek®, Badger@ or Thayer & Chandler® airbrushes etc


  • Braided Flexible Hose
  • 3 meter long
  • One Female G1/8 threaded coupler (for either all Hobbynox Airbrushes or all Hobbynox Airbrush Compressors)
  • One Female G1/4 threaded coupler (for either the RUBY Mini Spray Gun or a compressor with a G1/4 male coupler)
  • Booth threaded couplers includes an o-ring seal
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