6,6V 3000mAh 20C Hyperion G5 LiFePo4

Varenr: 38799
6,6V 3000mAh - 20C - Hyperion G5 LiFePo4 mottakerpakke.

Type LiFePo4
Spenning 6,6V
Kapasitet 3000mAh
Maks kontinuerlig strøm 60A
Maks ladestyrke 4C (12A) / Anbefalt 1C (3A)
Størrelse 135 x 36 x 20mm (LxBxH)
Vekt 184g

The Hyperion G5 Receiver pack is an excellent alternative for your Nitro model aircrafts. Enjoy extended flight time on a single charge and say goodbye to old technology, adapt environment friendly LifePO4 cells! If you are the one that hates or forgets to charge your Nicd/Nimh batteries, the Hyperion G5 Receiver Pack with LifePO4 technology has come to your rescue!

Finally a replacement to heavy and bulky Nicd/Nimh battery packs, most commonly used in all Rc equipment today. Switch to a better and safe technology LifePO4 battery with (3.3V/cell) an excellent replacement for NiMH on voltage basis. In addition, the LiFe chemistry is not subject to thermal runaway" fires, which can occur when overcharged, a safer alternative to Lipo. LiFe cells can be stored in a fully charged state, and discharged deeper, without damage to the cells. So they are more "rugged" than LiPo, safer, more convenient and a better choice overall.

More capacity per gram, meaning lighter models in flight and longer duration
Almost no "self discharge", so your model is always ready to go even weeks after charging
Superior voltage performance under load, so your servos perform with more consistent torque and speed
Faster charge time (as fast as 15 minutes!) at 4C, not advised though
Pre soldered with high-rated 3.5mm gold plated charge/discharge plugs, and Hyperion JST-XH Balance plug

Included with the package
Hyperion G5 Receiver Pack 2S 3000mAh LiFePo4 x 1

Type: 6.6V LiFePo4
Capacity: 3000mAh
Max Current Continuous: 60.0A
Max Charge Rate(4C): 12.0A
Dimensions LxWxH(mm): 135 x 36 x 20
Weight(g): 184.0

Note: This is a LiFePo4 battery with 3.3v/cell and requires special care unlike Nicd/Nimh or Lipos. Please use LiFePo4 compatible charger for charging.
*ISO 9001 Quality Control to provide the excellent cycle life and consistency from pack to pack for which Hyperion is well known."
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