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HPI RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 E30 :: Komplett

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1:10 onroad-plattform fra HPI, leveres her med det ikoniske BMW E30 M3-karosseriet i de kjente M-fargene og med Warsteiner-logo. Bilen kommer nå med akseldrift i stedet for belter. Drivverket er helt innekapslet slik at de ikke lenger er utsatt for stein, sand osv. Bilen leveres ferdig bygget og komplett med alt du trenger for å kjøre denne lekre herligheten.

Boksen inneholder ferdigmontert 1:10 skala 4WD bil med 2.4G radiosystem, Firebolt 15T børstemotor, SC-3SWP2 vanntett fartsregulator, vanntett servo, senderbatterier og ferdiglakkert karosseri samt 7.2V NiMh drivbatteri og lader. Men her kan du også benytte 2-3s LiPo eller 7.2V/8.4V NiMh med Deanskontakter. Se anbefalt tilbehør lenger ned på siden.


Lengde 431mm
Høyde 127mm
Bredde 200mm
Akselavstand 254mm

Replica Classic BMW M3 E30 Warsteiner Body
The famous three stripes donned in racing liveries of BMWs famous race cars since the 1970s have become iconic to the M brand through today. The blue stands for BMW, red for motorsport and violet for the unique combination of the two. With so many fantastic machines running this illustrious livery, it didnt take us long to settle on which version to replicate, as every true Touring Car fan will know the name Roberto Ravaglia. Roberto is one of the most successful racing drivers of this era and winner of seven titles in four different championships and every detail of his World beating 1987 car has been replicated for this Warsteiner edition of the RS4 SPORT 3.

The RS4 SPORT 3 Warsteiner BMW E30 runs on stunning replica, BBS RS Mesh wheels, synonymous with the early 80s BMW M series cars. Our 1/10 versions feature highly detailed and strong mesh spokes with details of the originals iconic two piece design completed by a painted finish in Gold and Silver. Each wheel is wrapped in our tried and tested SPEC-GRIP rubber tires for maximum grip and fun on the road with multi condition tread and high traction rubber compound.

RS4 SPORT 3: Ready to Drift or Race!
Since its launch in 1982 BMWs E30 has been revered by petrol heads around the world for its looks, racing dominance and in some cases it has even been put to work as a drift weapon!

Much like the RS4 SPORT 3, in fact, the tuneable suspension of the RS4 SPORT 3 lets you tweak and tune to your hearts content, so you can be your own drift car mechanic, or you can just run with the standard settings - theyre preset to be great on all driving surfaces! The RS4 SPORT 3 package is fully built, painted and detailed right out of the box, and ships with a realistic steering wheel style 2.4GHz radio system - all you have to do is plug in the included batteries for easy drift action!


* Officially licensed BMW M3 E30 Warsteiner in Roberto Ravaglias winning livery
* RS4 SPORT 3 chassis design
* Factory-assembled Ready-To-Run: just plug in and drive
* Fully enclosed 4WD shaft drive
* HPI Firebolt 15-turn motor installed
* Encased pinion & spur gear
* Tough oil-filled 4-gear metal-gear differentials capable of handling brushless power
* HPI 2.4GHz radio system with steering wheel radio
* Waterproof SC-3SWP2 speed controller
* Battery box fits standard LiPo batteries & up to 7-cell NiMH
* Battery position is adjustable for extra traction or increased steering
* Thick hook-and-loop strap holds battery in place
* Enclosed receiver case protects from the elements
* Double-wishbone suspension design
* Composite oil-filled threaded shock absorbers
* Complete set of ball bearings
* Option parts available include: carbon fiber shock towers, universal driveshafts, aluminum shocks and more
* Everything you need to get racing is included in the box!
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