E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m BNF AS3X Sa

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Stor flott modell fra Horizon Hobby med hele 2,15 meters vingespenn! Modellen leveres som BNF (Bind and Fly) som betyr at du trenger en Spektrum DSMX sender for å fly modellen. I tillegg leveres modellen uten batteri og lader, men børsteløs motor, ESC og servoer er inkludert og ferdig installert i flyet, selve flyet krever enkel montering. Medfølgende mottaker kommer med 3-akse gyro med Safe Select som hjelper deg til å stabilisere modellen.

Store landingshjul gjør modellen mindre kresen på underlaget der du letter og lander samtidig gir flaps deg muligheten til lavere flyhastighet og kortere landing/letting. Flottører kan kjøpes utenom (se anbefalt tilbehør).

Hva du trenger i tillegg
* 6+ kanals radio med DSMX
* 4-6s 22,2V 3200 - 7000mAh LiPo batteri med EC5/IC5-kontakt
* LiPo lader

Vingespenn 2150 mm
Lengde 1420 mm
Vekt flyklar 3700+ g
Materiale Z-Foam (EPO)
Motor E-flite BL-50
Regulator E-Flite 60A med IC5 kontakt
Propell 15 x 5,5

Flytid med 6s 3200mAh batteri er ca 7 minutter avhengig av hvordan man flyr

The E-flite® Carbon-Z® Cub SS 2.1m makes it easier than ever to enjoy a truly unique and versatile giant-scale flying experience. Based on the original Carbon-Z Cub, its equipped with an abundance of new convenience, capability and flight performance-improving features. An updated wing design with drooped tips adds wing and aileron area for significantly improved slow speed handling, performance and control. The modified flap design allows them to travel both ways for full-span aileron and other mixing options, and thumbscrews make it easier to install and remove the two-piece wing without tools.

Articulated and shock-absorbing landing gear, equipped with even larger oversized tundra-style wheels with softer tires, offers better ground handling that soaks up the bumps of rough surfaces. The push-button released, top-mounted hatch offers convenient and easy access to the battery compartment – which now holds a quick-release, multi-position battery mounting tray that fits 4S to 6S 3200–7000mAh batteries. An improved motor design featuring an additional bearing, plus a propeller molded from material that better maintains balance and stiffness, results in smoother and more reliable power system performance. The composite-reinforced, hollow-core airframe arrives mostly factory-finished and assembled, and the installed digital, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped linkages deliver crisp and precise control.

So whether you fly it slow and scale, or perform beyond-scale vertical takeoffs and aerobatics, the Carbon-Z Cub SS will offer unexpected levels of versatility, capability and performance youll enjoy flight after flight!

The original Carbon-Z® Cub was ground-breaking and created a new category for large-scale, electric-powered models. Based on a platform that was known for legendary versatility, its lightweight and exceptionally strong, composite-reinforced and hollow-core design was mostly factory-finished and assembled so it was easier for more pilots to go BIG" than ever before. The E-flite® Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m is an updated and refined version of the original, equipped with a long list of new features for improved flight performance, capabilities and convenience so you can enjoy a giant-scale flying experience unlike any other.

Key Features
An updated and refined version of the ground-breaking and category-creating original Carbon-Z Cub
Giant-scale 84"/2.1m wingspan with lightweight and exceptionally strong composite-reinforced, hollow-core Carbon-Z construction
Drooped wing tip design increases wing and aileron area for significantly improved slow speed performance and control
Thumbscrews with decorative gas caps and snap-on antennas to easily install/remove the two-piece wing without tools
Modified flap design allows them to travel both ways for full-span aileron and other mixing options
Articulated and shock-absorbing landing gear with improved and strengthened mounts
Even larger oversized, tundra-style wheels with softer tires for better ground handling
Fully-molded top and bottom landing gear covers for a more scale-like appearance
More secure rear mount and cross braces for the optional floats (sold separately)
Quick-release, multi-position battery mounting tray fits 4–6S 3200–7000mAh batteries
Improved design motor with added bearing for smoother, more reliable performance
15x7 propeller molded from material that better maintains balance and stiffness
IC5 connector (compatible with EC5 connectors) on the 60-amp ESC for better and more reliable power delivery
Vibrant, high-visibility Carbon Cub SS Signature trim and color scheme
Spektrum™ AR636 6-channel receiver with industry-leading 2.4GHz DSMX® technology
Easy to fly with innovative, optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X® technology
Six factory-installed digital, metal-geared servos with ball-link equipped linkages
Convenient push-button released, top-mounted hatch for easy battery access
Extremely wide scale and mild to beyond-scale aerobatic and wild flight envelope
Tow up to 3-meter span sailplanes with the included aerotow mechanism (servo sold separately)"
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