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E-Flite Night Radian FT 2.0m PNP

Varenr: 42275
2 349,-
Dette er modellen for deg som ønsker å sveve igjennom nattehimmelen med et fantastisk lysshow, modellen har LED-lys både langs kroppen og under vingene med et utallig fargevalg. En riktig flott motor-glider med 2m vingespenn, leveres som PNP (Plug n Play). Monterings tid er rundt 1 time og nødvendig tilleggsutstyr er listet nedenfor.

Nødvendig tilbehør
* Radio og mottaker med full range" og 4+ kanaler
* 1300-2200mAh 3s LiPo batteri (EC3 kontakt)
* Kompatibel LiPo-lader
Batteriene under anbefalt tilbehør leveres med Deans kontakt, en overgang er nødvendig for å kunne brukes i dette flyet. Eventuelt lodde om kontakt i f.eks. fly.


Vingespenn 2000mm
Lengde 1137mm
Vekt ca 905g
Materiale EPO
Motor 480 Børsteløs outrunner
Monteringstid ca 1 time

"Flite Test Approved"
Den originale Radian 2m motor-glideren har vært populær i Flite Test miljøet, E-Flite og Flite Test gjengen gikk sammen om å lage denne unike Radian FT utgaven.

Key Features
* Flite Test crew approved including their exclusive trim scheme design
* Integrated high-visibility LED lights feature 100+ color, sequence and timing combinations
* Fully-molded horizontal tail for improved durability, performance and LED integration
* Transparent canopy hatch is magnetic to offer easy battery compartment access
* Bolt-on, two-piece wing with carbon-fiber wing joiner rigidity
* 30A ESC plus a high-power brushless motor with folding prop
* Lightweight and durable composite reinforced EPO construction
* No glue required for assembly-can be ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge a battery
Needed to Complete
* Full-range, 4+ Channel transmitter and receiver
* 1300-2200mAh 3S LiPo flight battery
* Compatible LiPo charger
Whats in the box?
* (1) Night Radian FT 2.0m PNP
* (1) 30A Brushless ESC
* (2) 9-Gram Micro Servo
* (1) Brushless Outrunner
* (1) User Manual
E-flite® Radian® motor gliders are legendary because they capture the essence of pure and modern soaring styles in aircraft that are as much fun to sport fly as they are to soar. Inspired and approved by the Flite Test (FT) crew, the Night Radian FT improves the popular 2-meter version with multiple upgrades including a programmable LED light system that allows you to fly all day and night. The horizontal tail is now fully-molded. Plus, the BNF® Basic version features AS3X® technology to deliver smoother flight performance in windy and high lift conditions while optional-use SAFE® Select technology makes this Radian airplane even easier to fly than it already is.

The E-flite® Night Radian® FT 2.0m motor glider combines the serenity of soaring with sport flying and incredible night flying capabilities. Factory-installed, high-visibly LED lights are recessed throughout the airframe, including in the redesigned airfoil-shaped horizontal tail. The vivid colors and placement of the LEDs offers incredible visibility and easy orientation when flying at dusk and even in complete darkness-or they can be turned off when flying in daylight. Even more impressive is that the LEDs can be programmed to display 100+ different color, sequence and timing combinations by utilizing the built-in controller. Multiple Night Radians flying together in the dark can be easily distinct. Best of all, even with the addition of lights, the durable, composite reinforced EPO construction has been kept as light as possible so there´s no discernable difference in flight performance or thermal soaring capability. The distinctive and gracefully curved polyhedral wing and efficient airfoil delivers outstanding soaring performance and long flight times with or without the use of power. And, there´s no Hi-start or cumbersome launch system to worry about. The high-power brushless motor and folding prop combination provide outstanding efficiency so you can enjoy soaring and sport flying in the same flight, plus the ability to climb and find thermals multiple times between battery changes.

Integrated LED Lighting
Embedded into the airframe is a factory-installed LED light system that practically provides even better orientation than when flying in daylight. Multi-colored light strings operate through a built-in controller that offers 100+ different color, sequence and timing combinations, and are conveniently powered by a 3S 1350-2200mAh flight battery. You can even use the onboard switch to turn them off when flying in daylight.

Flite Test Approved
The original Radian® 2-meter motor glider was already popular in the Flite Test community, so E-flite and the Flite Test crew partnered together on the Night Radian FT to finalize its unique capabilities and appearance-including the exclusive, Flight Test-designed trim scheme. The result is a more versatile aircraft that almost any RC pilot can appreciate and enjoy flying.

Lightweight & Tough
The redesigned horizontal stabilizer is fully-molded to feature an airfoil shaped cross-section and integrated LED lighting. Construction with composite reinforced, molded EPO material delivers a lightweight yet durable airframe that delivers a unique airplane that´s easy to maintain and offers the best flight experience possible.

Brushless Power
The efficient, factory-installed power system features a 30A ESC with brake, a powerful brushless outrunner motor and a folding two-blade propeller that delivers incredible climb performance and long flight times on everything from a compact 3S 1350mAh up to a 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery.

Easy Assembly
No glue is required for final assembly and the Night Radian FT motor glider can be ready to fly in less time than it takes to charge a battery. The two-piece, bolt-on wing featuring a carbon-fiber wing tube makes field assembly/disassembly, plus transportation and storage, easy and convenient.

This Plug-N-Play model comes with the motor, ESC and servos installed. All you need to do is finish some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly."
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