Futaba Rattradio Megatech T7PXR


Varenr: FUT91033
6 995,-

Futaba T7PXR - Nyhet i 2020!

Futaba's flagship 7PX has been the choice of many of the World's top drivers for its incredible response, speed & reliability. The 7PX has evolved, meeting the demanding and ever-changing needs of today's drivers, now introducing the 7PXR.

The evolution of "R" means a newly tuned device that will integrate seamlessly with driver and transmitter to bring an experience far beyond expectations. The 4.3-inch full-color touch screen, telemetry system, new shape throttle trigger along with advanced functions that are unmatched by our competitors are what you the driver expects, the NEW 7PXR delivers.

Here you will find the details of Futaba's latest evolution of "R", evolve you're driving with Futaba's 7PXR.

T7PXR Core Features:

Super Response
Amazing reaction speed is realized by the combination of the corresponding receiver and servo

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