Futaba Rattradio 4PM

2,4Ghz FASST

Varenr: FUT91032
2 995,-
5 på lager
This is the new 4-channel wheel/trigger radio from Futaba that replaces the earlier T4PL(S) and T4PV radios.

  • T-FHSS (Mini-Z mode)
  • T-FHSS (SR mode)
  • T-FHSS (High speed)
  • T-FHSS (Normal mode)
  • S-FHSS (High speed)
  • S-FHSS (Normal mode)

  • 2.7" 128x64 dot matrix with back-light

  • 1x Blue

Alarm Buzzer:
  • Tone Adjust

  • RX voltage
  • RPM
  • Temprature
  • External voltage
  • Current

Telemetry Log:
  • 100 times

  • Through SD Card Slot (card not included)

Method of connecting external devices:
  • MC Link with wire
  • MC970 Link with wire
  • MC970 Link wireless
  • S.BUS Servo Link with wire
  • S.BUS Servo Link wireless

Standard Battery:
  • 3x AA Alkaline

Control Functions:
  1. 3x Wheel digital trim
  2. 2x Grip digital trim
  3. Dial
  4. Push switch
  5. Push lock-switch

Display Adjust:
  • 1x Jog key
  • 3x Tact switch

Other Features:
  • Internal antenna (fixed)
  • Charging jack
  • Connector for inductive charging system
  • Wheel/trigger tension adjustment
  • Trigger position adjustment

Model Memory:
  • 40 Models

Data/Model Transfer:
  • T4PM to T4PM (with DSC cable)

  • English or Japanese

  • Condition 2 lines (new)
  • Steering speed x2 rate
  • Throttle speed x2 rate
  • AUX Speed x1 rate each
  • ABS Brake
  • Traction control
  • Programable mixers x2
  • STR mixing (ackerman)
  • Brake mixing
  • 4WS
  • Gyro mixing
  • Dual ESC
  • CPS mixing (with Futaba CPS-1)

Specific functions:
  • SR mode is included
  • SR mode, SX update through SD card (with T4PM update)
  • Mini-Z mode
  • Included Car type select/easy set up
  • Drift functions added (throttle speed, over rev)
  • Lightest wight in this class
  • Current sensor
  • SD card slot included (for updates)

  • Transmitter: 350g (excluding batteries)

Included Receiver:
  • Type:
  • Mode:
  • Channels:
  • Size:
  • Weight:

Compatible Receivers:

Compatible Telemetry Sensors:

Items marked with red will be available with later software updates (through SD card slot)
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