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Dual-Link, S-Bus Decoder, Dual Battery


Varenr: FUT33000
2 195,-
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Dobbel sikkerhet med denne Dual Link fra Futaba. For tilkobling av to mottakere og to batteri pakker. 

Dual Receiver System
For extra security, the DLPH-1 unit automatically
switches to the second sub receiver if there is an issue with the main receiver.
Then it automatically switches back to the main receiver when communication is

Dual Battery System
Two power supply batteries can be
connected to the DLPH-1. Power is supplied from the battery with the highest
voltage. The operating time is the total time of the 2 batteries. For example,
even if the voltage of one battery drops, power can be supplied from the other
battery. Even one battery can be used, but safer flight is possible if 2
batteries are used.

Use batteries with sufficient capacity for the
specifications and number of servo motors to be used.



  • Use: Two receivers and two batteries communication switching device
  • Size: 62.8×62.4×18.1mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • FET rated: Always 60A / 2pcs
  • Operating Voltage: DC6.4 to 13.0V
  • Receiver Batteries (dual): 2S LiFe or 2-3S LiPo with XT60 connectors
  • Accessories: Switch / Receiver connection cord x 2 / Mini screwdriver/ Flange damper / Eyelet / Wood screw
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