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Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50

1/32 plastbyggesett

Varenr: TAM60315
1 995,-
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Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50

The F-16 Fighting Falcon model maintains the ease of assembly featured by all of the models in our 1/32 Scale Aircraft Series, and boasts the high level of detail and accuracy for which Tamiya is known around the world. This model has given our designers the opportunity to incorporate a number of modeling ideas and innovations that would not have been possible on a smaller 1/48 or 1/72 scale.

This is the first ever 1/32 scale F-16 model to replicate the characteristic large air intake duct, nicknamed "Big Mouth". The F110-GE-129 jet engine is also replicated in precise detail, and can slide into place on a hook and rail system exactly like the actual aircraft. The entire engine can also be displayed outside the aircraft using the included cart.

This model achieves a level of accuracy only possible in such a large-scale work. The upper surfaces of the wings are molded to the main body of the plane in one single piece, creating a "Blended Body" which artfully depicts the F-16's beautiful, streamlined form and proportions. The model features screw-mounted main body and die-cast landing gears with actual rubber tires for extra durability.

This model makes use of the newly developed mini poly caps to ensure that missiles, ECM pod and external fuel tanks are removable and interchangeable even after assembly. This way, modelers can enjoy depicting different weapon configurations specific to various F-16 missions. Use of poly caps also enables trailing edge flaps, horizontal stabilizer fins and vertical tail fin flaps to move freely after assembly.     Suggested Paint Colors 
 AS-25 - Dark Ghost Grey
 AS-26 - Light Ghost Grey
 TS-48 - Gunship Grey
 X-1 - Black
 X-10 - Gun Metal
 X-11 - Chrome Silver
 X-18 - Semi Gloss Black
 X-2 - White
 X-3 - Royal Blue
 X-4 - Blue
 X-6 - Orange 
  X-7 - Red
 X-8 - Lemon Yellow
 X-9 - Brown
 XF-1 - Flat Black
 XF-15 - Flat Flesh
 XF-16 - Flat Aluminum
 XF-19 - Sky Grey
 XF-2 - Flat White
 XF-24 - Dark Grey
 XF-26 - Deep Green
 XF-3 - Flat Yellow 
  XF-51 - Khaki Drab
 XF-52 - Flat Earth
 XF-56 - Metallic Grey
 XF-57 - Buff
 XF-59 - Desert Yellow
 XF-61 - Dark Green
 XF-62 - Olive Drab
 XF-63 - German Grey
 XF-7 - Flat Red

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