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Aeronaut Helix E- Seilflymodell 2,8m

Aeronaut Helix E- Seilflymodell


Varenr: ANT133100
3 495,-
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Helixx er et elegant 6-flap glider for avslappende flyvning på  hang og i flatt terreng.. Den kan bygges enten som rent seilfly eller som elektro glider. Modellen leveres med glassfiber kropp, og kan enkelt bygges om for motor montering.

Vingen må bygges av spant og trekkes med duk eller film. The wing is partially planked and offers - depending on the choice of covering material - attractive visual design options. The six large flaps can be programmed as desired and allow different flight conditions to be set, according to the pilot's taste. The 90° deflected brake flaps are a reliable descent and landing aid; their effect can be further improved by combining them with the ailerons.

The energy requirement of the model is low. A 3S LiPo with a capacity of 2,400 mAh or more can easily be accommodated and enables a number of climbs with good starting heights for searching for thermals.

Helixx is a model that not only makes model pilots happy. Even the construction of the model with its precisely laser-cut components is a lot of fun and arouses the anticipation of beautiful flights in the evening thermals or in light winds on a slope.

To control the rudders you need a total of 8 servos (6 x AN-12-MGBBA order no. 7003/74 and 2 x AN-8-MGBBD order no. 7003/71).

The kit contains:

All laser-cut wooden parts required for construction, white fiberglass fuselage and canopy, linkage parts, various small parts, 3D construction instructions, building slipway.

Technical specifications:

Vingespennapprox. 2,840 mm
Lengdeapprox. 1,300 mm
Vektfrom approx. 1880 g
wing contentapprox. 56 dm²
RC functionsElevator, rudder, motor controls, ailerons, airbrakes
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